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Andalucia is one of Spain’s most famous wine regions, best known for the production of the fortified wine known as Sherry. The region is located in the sunny south of Spain, and this location results in the region’s very hot and dry climate, as well as the white albariza soil that characterizes vineyards in places such as Cadiz.

Andalucia has five distinct denominacions de origen (DOs), the most famous of which is Jerez. This is both a historic port and the home of Sherry production in Spain.

In addition to Sherry, Andalucia also produces a fortified dessert wine called PX in locations such as Montilla-Moriles. An aged PX is similar in taste to a Tawny Port. One of the most famous PX wines is the full-bodied Pedro Ximenez PX. In addition to Sherry and PX, Andalucia also produces a light refreshing Fino.

For many people, Andalucia (and especially its capital, Seville) is synonymous with all the most distinctive features of Spanish culture, including flamenco, bullfighting and the Moorish-influenced architectural style.

The history of winemaking in Andalucia dates back to the 8th century BC. Given the region’s proximity to both the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, it has always been the subject of different winemaking and cultural influences. In fact, the name “Andalucia” is actually derived from an Arabic word.

While Andalucia is often thought of like a hot, dusty part of Spain, this wine-making region actually has three distinct climate zones. The Atlantic west coast, for example, has a much cooler climate.

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