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Württemberg Wine Regions, its Climate, and Popular Grape Varietals

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Located in southwestern Germany, Württemberg is officially part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. However, in terms of wine classification, Baden and Württemberg are considered to be two separate and distinct wine regions. Württemberg is the fourth-largest of Germany’s 13 wine regions.


The real distinguishing point about Württemberg is that it is primarily known for its red, not white, wines. In fact, red wines account for 71% of all wine production in this German wine region. Interestingly, these red wines do not include the most popular red varietals grown throughout Europe, either.


For example, by far the most popular red grape varietal is Trollinger, accounting for 21.2% of all wine production. These grapes produce a light red, slightly sweet wine that is uncommon even for Germany. In fact, 98% of all Trollinger grape production takes place within Württemberg. Other popular grape varietals grown in this region include Schwarzriesling (15.1%), Lemberger (13.9%) and Spatburgunder (11.1%). As might be expected, Riesling production is also important in this region, accounting for 18.1% of all wine production.


Another distinguishing feature of Württemberg wine production is that many of the most popular wines are made by winemaking cooperatives. There are nearly 70 cooperatives, accounting for nearly 75% of all production. The most popular and famous vineyards are located along the Neckar River and its four tributaries. There are many vineyards located near Stuttgart, and also near Lake Constance.


As in other parts of Germany, steep terraced vineyards are the norm along river banks of the Neckar. One of the most famous vineyards is Cannstatter Zuckerle, located near Stuttgart, which boasts some impressive steep terraced vineyards.

Here is a brief audio guide on Württemberg wine region. Check it out.

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