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Artist, Performer, Sommelier

20/12/2021 | What is a sommelier, if not sometimes a psychologist, at others a counselor, an artist or a performer. And Emanuel Pesqueira, head sommelier of Gordon Ramsay enjoys every aspect of it.


Michele Bove looking for that Wow factor

13/12/2021 | Michele Bove loves wine on and off duty, a beverage he believes to be the greatest of all. Join him on his journey to discover wines with a WOW factor!


What grows together, goes together

06/12/2021 | This is Shane McHugh’s approach to matching food and wine. He also says that it is a much more open field today with the plethora of food and wine options out there.


Stefano Rossomando of the RC Group

06/12/2021 | Stefano Rossomando is an Italian who left his heart in London and stayed with it. He is now the Beverage Director for the RC Group with a few restaurants under their belt.


Dawn of a New Day

03/12/2021 | Ovidiu Olteanu embraces each day, with something exciting and interesting happening every day including guest interaction, learning something new, meeting with producers and exploring wines.