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Photo for: London Wine Competition Winners to be Promoted in the London Drinks Guide


London Wine Competition Winners to be Promoted in the London Drinks Guide


London Wine Competition Winners will be marketed and promoted all year long on the London Drinks Guide.

You enter your wines in several international competitions across the globe. You send in your wines. You won a medal! Excitement and elation of the victory. And then - silence.

Are those dollars that you spent, especially in these tough times doing your promotional and marketing plans any justice? How about a competition that helps you shout your victory from the rooftops. A competition that talks about your wins for the entirety of a year. One that reaches out to consumers and tells them how exceptional your wines really are. A competition that is happy to share your story and talk about the blood, sweat, and tears you have poured to create your truly magnificent, award-winning wines.

There is a competition that does that - the London Wine Competition. Now in its 4th year of operation with patronage that grows every year, the competition does this and more for your wine brands. With every consecutive year, they want to offer better value to wine brands entering and winning medals at their competition. They understand that winning a medal is not the end, it’s the beginning. It’s the beginning of a prolific year for your wines to gain recognition and reach out to as many consumers as possible.

To do that, London Drinks Guide will feature stories about winning wines and wineries so that wine drinkers and connoisseurs may recognize your wines and choose to pick them at a retail store, online wine store, a restaurant or at a bar. These stories will detail how your wines may be paired with different meal options and publish the tasting notes mentioned by the sommeliers who tasted your wines at the competition.

You may also download and print ready-made shelf talkers for your wines for no extra charge from the winner's page or the entrant zone. Shelf talkers go a long way in informing consumers about your wine and standing out from the vast competition on the retail shelf.

The competition organizers understand that as a wine company owner you would like to achieve all of these goals and they aim to help you reach them. 

  • Brand awareness

  • Increasing your wine sales

  • Getting your wines sampled by decision-makers

  • Growing distribution

  • Launching or growing in the United Kingdom

  • Being noticed at multiple on and off-premise outlets

The results from the competition will be shared with over 50,000 trade professionals, and over 20,000 wine buyers the world over in the Beverage Trade Network community. They will also receive press coverage with media partners of the London Wine Competition.

Boasting some of London’s top sommeliers, master sommeliers and trade buyers as judges at the competition, you can trust the brand value you receive from winning a medal at the London Wine Competition. Some of the illustrious judges who came together to swirl, sip and taste their way through the thousands of wines submitted from every corner of the globe in 2021 are: 

Kathrine Larsen MS

Kathrine Larsen MS

Master Sommelier, UK Sommelier of the Year 2014 

Kathrine's Profile

Svetoslav Manolev MS

Svetoslav Manolev MS

Head Sommelier & Wine Buyer Flemings Mayfair    

Svetoslav's Profile

Matteo Montone MS

Matteo Montone MS

Master Sommelier, Wine Director at Edition, London

Matteo's Profile

Georgios Iordanidis

Georgios Iordanidis

Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Zuma, London

Georgios' Profile

Barbara Drew MW

Barbara Drew MW

Master of Wine at Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd

Barbara's Profile

Christopher Delalonde MS

Christopher Delalonde MS

Head of Wines at The Dorchester Hotel

Christopher's Profile

Clement Robert MS

Clement Robert MS

Head Of Beverage & Wine Buyer, The Birley Clubs  

Clement's Profile

Daniele Arcangeli

Daniele Arcangeli

Head Sommelier, Wine Buyer presso Piazza Italiana   

Daniele's Profile

James Reed

James Reed

Wine Buying Manager at Tesco, UK     

James' Profile

Michele Cortese

Michele Cortese

Sommelier at The Ritz, London, UK   

Michele's Profile



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How the Judging Works

As a producer, it is important to understand that just because a wine has won gold in a competition based on its quality; it will not necessarily fly off the shelves especially if it does not offer the value for money a consumer is looking for. It could perhaps offer both, but may not be designed and packaged well enough to stand out from various other gold winners on a retail shelf. Thus the golden triangle of quality, value, and design is at the centre of the judging process.

Each of the London Wine Competition winners will receive either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award with separate weighted marks awarded by the judges for the wine’s quality and drinkability, value for money, its packaging and design.  

A separate weighted score will be given for each of the three parts of the judging process (Quality gets twice the weight). The scores will be calculated with other judges for the same product on the team to give a final score from which individual prizes will be awarded.

  • Quality Score: will be marked out of 100

  • Value Score: will be marked out of 100

  • Package Score: will be marked out of 100

To receive a Gold medal, an entrant must score 90 or over; to receive a Silver, a score between 76 and 89; and a Bronze, a score between 65 and 75.

Winning a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal is a definite way to demonstrate how well your product will be perceived in the marketplace.

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