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Photo for: Influence of Packaging on a Buyer’s Mind.


Influence of Packaging on a Buyer’s Mind.


Insights from Mathias Camilleri at the London Wine Competition on the Influence of Packaging on a Buyer’s Mind

LWC interviewed Mathias Camilleri, a judge at the 2018 London Wine Competition on the influence of packaging on buyer’s mind. Here is what he said

Mathias Camilleri: So the influence of the packaging I think is really important. I think it really has a spontaneous effect on me or the consumer by the colors, the way the information is written. It is an important fact to really bring some 

Watch the full video here:

About Mathias Camirelli

Mathias Camilleri is a Head Sommelier at The Five Fields Restaurant in South-west London, UK. Originally from Paris, Mathias began his career in wine in 2011 at Lycée Albert de Mun, Paris. He started working as a Commis Sommelier at the Vineyard at Stockcross in Newbury, England. After six months, he joined the Sommelier team at Medlar Restaurant where he spent three years as a Sommelier. In 2015 Mathias became UK’s Young Sommelier and International Young Sommelier Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

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