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The Top 6 Rosé Wineries for Restaurants and Sommeliers

The Best Rosé Wines of 2024: Essential Picks for Sommeliers and Wine Buyers

As the rosé category continues its upward trajectory, wine directors and buyers will benefit from the expert assessments of the 2024 London Wine Competition judging panel. We review the top rosé wines for your 2024 list. — 

How to choose the top rosé wines from the ever-increasing number of wines on offer? The 2024 London Wine Competition brought together an amazing panel of judges who represent the cutting edge of industry knowledge about current consumer taste and demand.  

Rosés continue to be extremely popular among consumers and restaurant goers. This year, not only Provence and Australia counted among the top scoring rosés, but also Moldova.  

The Competition judging panel was an extraordinary assembly of highly qualified professionals, embodying the pinnacle of wine industry expertise. Featuring a diverse array of talents, from Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine to influential wine buyers and sommeliers from renowned establishments, the panel reflected the evolving and dynamic trends in the wine market. They know how to choose rose wines that will become top sellers on restaurant wine lists this summer.  

Their collective knowledge and experience, spanning prestigious institutions such as 67 Pall Mall, Bibendum Wine, and The Cambridge Distillery, ensured a thorough and nuanced evaluation of each entry. This panel underscored the industry's emphasis on diverse perspectives and innovative approaches to wine appreciation and selection.

So, what were the top six rosé wines or wine brands, scoring 87 points or higher, from the London Wine Competition? 

1. 2022 Ultimate Provence Rosé, 89 points: Made from a blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache Noir, and Rolle, this wine exudes Provence style. Indeed, it’s an AOP Côtes de Provence that is easy to recognize thanks to its stylish signature bottle. 

Image: 2022 Ultimate Provence Rosé

2. Purcari Nocturne (2023) and Purcari Native (2022), 89 points each: Château Purcari had two rosés winning 89 points. These wines are conversation starters, being from Moldova. Purcari has a fascinating history and replanted 250 hectares of vineyards around 2000. We see the spectacular results today in these two rosés that will fly off any wine list. Purcari had two more among the top scorers: 1827 Rosé and Sapiens Rosé. Bravo! 

Image: Purcari Nocturne (2023) and Purcari Native (2022)

3. 2023 Bardolino Chiaretto DOP from Tinazzi's Ca'de'Rocchi line, 88 points: Made with Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes from Tenuta Valleselle, it exemplifies Lake Garda's tradition of delicate rosé wines. Find a soft pearly pink color, intense aromas of red fruits like raspberries and wild cherries, and a soft, fresh taste.

Image: 2023 Bardolino Chiaretto DOP from Tinazzi's Ca'de'Rocchi

4. 2023 Paddington Lane No 3 Soft Rose, 88 points: This Australian stunner garnered 88 points and comes in a spectacularly elegant 740ml bottle. It’s the third of three perfectly balanced styles from Australia's first specialist rosé brand. It blends Cabernet Franc with Merlot with blueberry and floral aromas. This slightly off-dry style will be a winner for a by-the-glass offering. 

Image: 2023 Paddington Lane No 3 Soft Rose

5. 2023 Once & Well Frankie’s Garden Rosé, 87 points: Continuing with Australia, but now specifically from Margaret River, this wine received 87 points for a spectacular blend based on Pinot Noir. Visually stunning and light on the palate of red fruit, white melon, and mandarin. A dry rosé chocked full of fruity expression typical to Margaret River. 

Image: 2023 Once & Well Frankie’s Garden Rosé

6. 2022 Chateau Berne Inspiration Rosé, 87 points: Made with Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Syrah, and Carignan, this AOP Côtes de Provence rosé reflects the wine’s organic viticulture, beautiful length of finish, with aromas of white peach and strawberries. Berne assures that it’s a perfect pairing with grilled lobster or roast poultry with lemon and Provençal herbs.

Image: 2022 Chateau Berne Inspiration Rosé

As the popularity of rosé wines continues to soar, it's essential for wine buyers, restaurateurs, and sommeliers to stay ahead of the curve. The 2024 London Wine Competition highlighted exceptional rosés that stand out in a crowded market, showcasing the diverse and dynamic flavors that consumers crave. From the classic elegance of Provence to the innovative styles emerging from Australia and Moldova, these top-rated rosés promise to elevate any wine list. Keep an eye out for these standout selections to ensure your offerings remain fresh, appealing, and in line with the latest trends in the wine industry.

Call for domestic and international submission is now open for London Wine Competition. Enter your wines before 31 August 2024 to get super early bird pricing. Register now and ship later to save.

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