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What do Buyers Look for in a New Brand?


Insights from Vincenzo Arnese at the London Wine Competition on what buyers look for in a new brand?

LWC interviewed Vincenzo Arnese, a judge at London Wine Competition, on what buyers look for in a new brand? Here is what he said:

Vincenzo: The first thing that you will look for in a wine is definitely quality of the wine that you want to have on your list. The wine that deserves the quality in relation to the price, the guests will pay at the restaurant. The wine will be displayed in the restaurant so a premium quality wine that does not have the right packaging will be put on the side...

Watch the video below for the full answer:

About Vincenzo Arnese:

Vincenzo Arnese is a Head Sommelier & Wine Buyer at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London, UK. Despite his young looks, Vincenzo already boasts enviable experience. In 2010, he became an AIS sommelier in his home province of Varese, recognition of his competency. Vincenzo Arnese is also Bellavita/UKSA ‘Best Sommelier UK” 2015. He has worked in many restaurants in Switzerland, France, and Australia.

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