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Photo for: Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut) Named Spain’s Best Wine


Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut) Named Spain’s Best Wine


Spanish Wine“Queen of Kings Blanc de noir (Brut)” received Best Wine in Show by Country (Spain) Award.

The 2019 London Wine Competition received entries from countries all around the world. Bodegas Francisco Gómez winery’s Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut) from Spain won the Best Wine in Show by Country (Spain) Award at this competition.

The Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut) is almost colourless, reflecting a slight gold colour. This organic sparkling wine is made from Monastrell and shows a constant flow of bubbles. On the nose, it has intense fruity aromas with citrus notes suggesting lemon and oranges. The bubbles and strong fruit flavours add freshness to this wine and balanced acidity at the end.

On the win of the Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut), Veronica Bravo, CEO of Bodegas Francisco Gomez winery said, "It’s a great reward receiving this title at London wine competition. We are ecstatic."

Bodegas Francisco Gómez winery was set by Francisco Gomez after seeking land for many years. It is built from the ancient La Serrata winery of the 18th century. It is spanned across 3,500 hectares and does the same work as it used to do centuries before.

Francisco Gomez 1991

The Bodegas Francisco Gomez winery is built on three cornerstones.

Quality: Produces top-end wines and olive oils.

Care for the natural environment: Production is done under the seal of organic agriculture certification.

Sustainability: Maintains territory and supplies quality products of maximum prestige and to foster economic and social development in the region.

The Queen of Kings is the first range of sparkling wines produced by Bodegas Francisco Gomez. It was launched in order to pay tribute to the Monastrell grape.

The Queen of Kings Blanc de Noir (Brut)

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To assess the entrants, the London Wine Competition invited wine experts from around the world. These leading wine experts judged the wines based on their quality, value, and packaging. After the successful event of 2019, the London Wine Competition is back with its 3rd edition. To enter the competition, register here.

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