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Photo for: London Wine Competition To Be Promoted In On-Trade, UK’s drinks magazine


London Wine Competition To Be Promoted In On-Trade, UK’s drinks magazine

On-Trade, a leading media asset for pioneers of the beverage industry, will feature the winner stories for LWC Winners in their publication at no extra cost!

The On-Trade media asset has now been integrated with reels showing London competition winners. A section in the menu under winner stories will feature London competition winners for free.

London Wine Competition winner's stories will now be published by our editors on On-Trade as features at no cost.

Image: The On-Trade Website

Image: The On-Trade Website

On-Trade aims to be a leading source for sommeliers, bar managers, bartenders, wine directors, and other on-trade professionals. London Competition aims to showcase winners to these trade buyers as these products are rated exactly how trade would be for their own business: quality, value, and package.

Thus by connecting the trade buyers with London competition winners, Beverage Trade Network aims to help the trade, and stock these great products and aims to help these producers connect with buyers.


London Competitions are in its 6th year now and aims to be a true benchmark for trade and consumers in selecting wines, beers, and spirits by Quality, Value, and Package. The competition saw close to 4500 entries in 2022 and is looking for 7000-8000 competition entries in 2023. With the investments and growth,  Beverage Trade Network has planned to support the competition globally.

Brands looking to save and get the best pricing are encouraged to enter before August 31 and ship samples later. Here are the details on how to enter:

Wine: London Wine Competition

Beer: London Beer Competition

Spirits: London Spirits Competition

The London Wine Competition is now open for submissions. Register your wines today to save BIG on super early bird pricing. Ship your samples later.