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Photo for: Jo Irvine on winning best wine in London Wine Competition via The Buyer Net


Jo Irvine on winning best wine in London Wine Competition via The Buyer Net


Jo Irvine wins the best wine award at the London Wine Competition 2021.

“It’s a fantastic accolade for a small family-owned winery in the Barossa to win on the world stage.” This is what it means for Australian winemaker Joanne Levrier to have been awarded the best overall wine in the 2021 London Wine Competition for her Levrier 2015 Anubis Barossa Cabernet. Here she explains the immediate response she has had to the news, with orders coming in from around the world, and what impact it has had on her and her small winery team.


The London Wine Competition judges wines based on their quality, what they taste like, their value for money, and their packaging and design.


2015 Anubis Cabernet Sauvignon made by Levrier Wines

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How does it feel to be the best overall wine in the world in the London Wine Competition?

I am extremely proud that my Levrier 2015 Anubis Barossa Cabernet scored so highly at this 2021 London Wine Competition.
I spent years with my small team bringing Levrier to life, from vineyard to final packaging, so I feel genuinely delighted to be recognized with these awards. To get top results on four categories and totaling three gold medals in one show feels amazing.





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