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Photo for: Habla Nº22 Crowned Best Wine by Value


Habla Nº22 Crowned Best Wine by Value


Habla Nº22 is richly rewarded for its excellent showing at the 2021 London Wine Competition.

Spanish wine history has been laden with brands that have delivered timeless classics. A country that contributes widely to the rich reds, Tempranillo is Spain’s top red wine grape. It is the second-largest producer of wine in the world with the world’s largest planted vineyard area. Some of the land planted on this vast Iberian peninsula gives low yields and sometimes the old vines are widely spaced in the arid, tough and sometimes infertile soil. 

At the 2021 London Wine Competition wines from 36 different countries entered their wines. There were a total of 135 varietals that entered with shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo being among the top six varietals on the show. In a competition that was stacked with quality wines, the Habla Nº22 was recognized by the judges as the Best Wine by Value. The judges at the competition are experts of the wine trade and include top-level wine buyers, wine consultants, sommeliers and master sommeliers. The Habla Nº22 stood out on all three fronts of quality, value and packaging with the value it provided for money standing out the most. 

The Habla Nº22 was amongst the biggest winners at the competition and took home the coveted Best Wine by Value award along with a 95-point scoring gold medal and the Best in Show by Country honour. It was also the Best Tempranillo at the competition and played a huge hand in Bodegas Habla taking home the Winery of the Year award. 

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