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Photo for: Brands that grabbed spotlight in 2022 and how you can do it, too!


Brands that grabbed spotlight in 2022 and how you can do it, too!

It is becoming more and more obvious that wine brands need to market beyond traditional routes and that is where the London Wine Competition steps in.

Campaigns, interactive experiences, strong brand stories, and stand-out features are just some of the “other” tools required to make a wine brand sustain competition and the economy. 

“Winning a medal can act as one of the most powerful marketing tools. Consumers belonging to different categories such as curious or lovers or with knowledge are attracted by wines displayed with the label of a medal won during competitions.”


Chiara Sieni DipWSET (@chiarasieni), Assistant Manager at Rise & Vine

If you’re genuinely looking to step up your Wine marketing game this year, and prove your wine mettle in the market, then don’t miss your chance to enter your brand for the 2023 London Wine Competition

“Winning a medal means entering an elite of wine producers and automatically will bring exposure. Also for the wine industry medal means that the brand will always be linked with quality.  And that itself is a boost to promote more sales”

Giuseppe D'Aniello DipWset, Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at The London Edition Hotel.

It's time to enter your brands in the 2023 London Wine Competition and grow in 2023. The submission deadline is February 22. Enter now and ship your samples.


1) The London Wine Competition will go to 50,000+ trade professionals in the UK in the Beverage Trade Network community. 

2) The London Competitions will provide year-long social media support to your winning brands, targeted at UK trade buyers, businesses, and consumers. 

3) Restaurant and bar menus carry the London Competitions logo for winning brands indicating a higher quality product, one that has been approved by the experts, encouraging patrons to pick your wine from the list. 

Canova Hall in Brixton

Canova Hall in Brixton, one the best breakfast places in London shows London Competition logos with cocktails that have the brands that won.

All this adds up to the credibility of your brand, not only from you but from experts who vouch for it. Trade buyers and consumers know that they are holding a product of exceptional quality in their hands if it has a medal from the London Competitions. 

Once you win a medal, what can you do?

1) Write 5-6 different versions of a Press Release internally. See how Ross Hill Wines put together an exciting story of their win. You may use the press release templates provided by LWC to get started.

2) Take pictures of the product that won the medal showing it in the best light.

3) Take pictures of the winemakers and people you want to be mentioned in the story and those that will make your account more interesting (maybe even your pets who call your winery home!).

4) Order medal stickers for your bottles and use them in your pictures so the story connects and has an effect. When you post a picture of a medal along with captions on social media, the visual proof will do the talking for you.

5) Download your medal certificate (free). 

6) Download your shelf talkers (free), professional tasting notes, and any updates from the organizer about statistics, data, and details showing the judging process.

Winners of the 2022 London Wine Competition

Image: Winners of the 2022 London Wine Competition; Source: Instagram

To see all the winners of 2022 and how they leveraged the competition, enter here.

Header Image: Ross Hill Wines; Source: Instagram

Written by Stuti Khetan, Beverage Trade Network  

Call for domestic and international submission is now open for London Wine Competition. Enter your wines before 31 August 2024 to get super early bird pricing. Register now and ship later to save.

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