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Photo for: Michael Raebel: On Designing and Marketing Wine by the Glass Program


Michael Raebel: On Designing and Marketing Wine by the Glass Program


An exclusive Q&A session with Michael Raebel, Head Sommelier at Rosewood Hotel London in London, UK.

Michael Raebel - Head Sommelier, Rosewood Hotel LondonMichael Raebel has been into the hospitality sector for over 28 years, where he has been successfully supporting his team members to enhance performance under high-pressure situations and encourage and maximize productivity. His interpersonal skills and vast experience have allowed him to create and maintain a healthy work environment that fosters job satisfaction.

He has excellent knowledge and passion for food and beverage. His natural ability to sell and amazing customer service help him to successfully provide his clients with their needs.

In a recent exclusive interview with the London Wine Competition team, Michael Raebel shared useful insights on their wine by the glass program.

What do you look for when selecting your wine for your wine by the glass program?

The wine by the glass program varies from outlet to outlet. Good value for money is key. A mixture of classic grape varieties recognisable appellations and some unusual, interesting niche wines. That could be classic grape varieties from unusual regions or uncommon grape varieties. The wines by the glass should match the food we are serving and the guest profile. Guests should be able to recognise some brands or varieties to trust the selection and try out wines they don’t know. The wine by the glass list should reflect trends and sense of place. Another factor is durability and consistency in quality. Wines by the glass should be able to shine the moment you open them and last for 3 days opened. The last factor is my personal preference I tend to select wines which are light and elegant in character.

How do you go about marketing your wine by the glass program?

We have several marketing programs in place:

1. Changing the wine list seasonally

2. Good visibility on the wine list

3. Online availability of the wine list

4. Sommeliers to promote the wines in the restaurant

5. Daily offers by the glass

6. Food and wine match posted on Instagram

7. Food and wine pairing sessions

8. Winemaker Dinners

9. Waiter training

10. Journalists writing about the pies and wines

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