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Major Wine Producing Regions of India


Over the last ten years, the Indian wine industry has been experiencing stable growth.

Wine consumption in India is very less compared to other countries in the world. The earlier period of prohibition and higher prices of alcoholic beverages are the two major factors why the manufacture and consumption of wine is insignificant in India. Wine grape production in India only came into existence in the 1980s.

Over the last ten years, The Indian wine industry has been experiencing stable growth as wine is slowly becoming an important part of metropolitan Indian lifestyle.

Out of 123,000 acres of vineyards in India, only 1-2% area is used to produce wines. There are five major wine producing regions in India including Nashik, Pune, Bangalore, Hampi Hills, Bijapur and Northern Karnataka. Let’s have a deeper look into them.


Nashik is considered as a wine capital of India. It is located on the banks of river Godavari. Hot tropical climate dominates Nashik. The temperature variation in winter allows Cabernet Sauvignon to ripe for 185 days. There are about 30 functional wineries around the area and many of them now have tasting rooms. The vineyards in this region are situated in three different areas: Sanjegaon district, Dindori district and Gangapur Dam. Dindori has some of the best grapes grown around the region. Dindori is also popular due to its two wineries, Charosa and Chandon. The most popular Indian wineries to visit in this region are Sula, York and Soma. They are located at Gangapur Dam in a row. Super close to these wineries, Utopia Farmstay provides boutique accommodations. Vinchur, which is about an hour in the east of Nashik, offers the tasting of varied local wines and a large range of collection at a factory price, accommodation and winery tour. The other sub-regions are Igatpuri, Ojhar, and Niphad and Geeta Kunj.

Chandon Winery

Major wine producers in this region:

Chandon India, Chateau D'Ori, Good Drop Wine Cellars, Nine Hills and Vallonne Vineyards


Apart from IT and automotive industries, Pune is also famous for its sub-regions and vineyards. The city is situated on the altitude of 500-600 meters. The famous vineyards of Burkegaon are a few kilometres in the east of the city. The other sub-regions, Roti and Baramati are also at two-hours of travel. Roti produces some of the great crisp white wines while Baramati is popular for shiraz and cabernet. Akluj, the newest sub-region here, enjoys extreme low soil fertility and low rainfall which opens a new door for varieties such as Muller Thurgau, Sangiovese and Chardonnay.

Major wine producers in this region:

Four Seasons Vineyards, Fratelli Wines and Deccan Plateau Vineyards

Bangalore & the South

Bangalore & the South is a home to many of the top wine producers and vineyards of Karnataka. The area enjoys a moderate climate due to its higher altitude of 800 and 950 meters. Kanwal Grower, who is a pathfinder of the Indian wine industry, developed his first vineyard in the valley of Nandi Hills. Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet are the popularities of this region. The soils of this region are scattered with gravel, limestone and gneiss granules which help the production of high-quality Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Major wine producers in this region:

Bangalore Soma Vineyards, SDU Winery, Grover Zampa Vineyards and Alpine Wineries

Hampi Hills

Hampi Hills is gifted with an astonishing beautiful landscape of rolling stones. It is located at an altitude of 590 meters where the river Tunga and Bhadra come together. Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are the most thrived in this region.

Major wine producer in this region: KRSMA Estates

Bijapur and Northern Karnataka

This region is located close to Goa, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These three are the important consumer markets in India. The inland regions here enjoys a warm and dry climate suitable for highly ripe grapes. Many major producers of other regions source grapes from here to supply the mid-level brands of the domestic markets.

Major wine producers in this region:

Nisarga Vineyards and Elite Vintage Winery

Some of the major Indian Wine Companies

Sula Vineyards

  1. Chateau Indage Limited
  2. Grover Vineyards Limited
  3. Sula Vineyards
  4. Sankalp Wines
  5. ND Wines
  6. Mandala Valley
  7. Vintage Wines
  8. Renaissance Wines
  9. Flamingo Wines
  10. Vinicola

The heat and humidity of Indian wine regions allow many viticulture choices. Here, harvest usually takes place in the month of February. In the warmer wine regions such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, grapevines produce a crop two times a year.

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