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Five Ways to Get Wine Reviews from the Customers

Wine reviews of the customers are very important for the wineries and wine marketers. In this article, find several professional ways to get wine reviews from the customer.

Today, the use of internet has been increased globally. The government and ISPs have worked hard to make internet services reach all possible areas. The vast availability of the internet has made people so much dependent on it and there may be only a few things that Google will not be able to answer. In such a digital era, it is very crucial for wineries and wine marketers to have a digital presence in order to reach customers on a global level.

There are certain ways that can be used to market wines through the websites, and getting wine reviews from the customers is one of them. While these reviews help the wineries and wine marketers to know the user experience, they also help other customers in learning about the quality of the wine, and the services being provided.

Asking for reviews from the customers is something that should be done sensibly because not all customers are happy customers. Customers cannot be simply asked to leave a review on wine; the first thing to check is whether they are happy with their purchase.

There are several refined and professional ways to get wine reviews from the customers. Some of them are here.

After Purchase E-mail with a Polite Request to the Customer to Write a Review

This is a trigger based method that can be used to follow-up after the purchase. Usually, it is an automatic email that is generated after the purchase of wine and sent to the buyer. It kills two birds with a single stone. It first confirms the order and secondly, politely asks the buyer to leave a review on their purchase. Customers are less likely to write a review before they even receive their wine; still, this method is used by almost every website on the internet today.

Offers or Benefits to Avail on Writing a Review

Offering a discount for writing a review is similar to bribing the customer. Instead, gift vouchers, event tickets or draw coupons are convenient benefits to offer the customers to write reviews.

Use of Social Networking Widgets

Buyers are more tend to write a review if they see the popularity of wine on social networking mediums. All the social networking sites, today, offer their widgets to embed in the websites. For example, a Facebook like button and the number of likes can be shown under the wine. The existing likes and comments of other people on Facebook will prompt the buyer to take out a minute to write a review.

Happy Customers are the Best Customers

One of the best ways is to approach the happy customers. They are most likely to write good reviews on wines. Contact them personally and politely ask their purchase experience, if they have something good to say about it, tell them that you would love to have them write a review which will help you in increasing credibility of your business.

Creative Call-outs

Creative Call-out is a pop-out that captures attention. These Call-outs usually says, “Tell us what you think”, “review this wine” or “see what others are saying”.

Above given are certainly not all the options for getting wine reviews from customers, we will be updating this article soon, so stay tuned.

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