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Case Displays: 3 Things To Keep In Mind


Reasons why case displays are important and what to keep in mind while using them.

Case displays with proper case cards are the best marketing investment you can do. Try to do this 3 things:

  1. Branded cases.

  2. Personalized case cards for that retailer. In this picture, I show you an example of my wine when it was in the chain called Festival Foods.

  3. Use shelf talkers as well and bottle neckers on open cases.

The idea here is to have your display talk to the end consumer to drive sales. It's NOT an advert for your brand, the retailer is giving you a display to "move" the product so use words on your talkers and case cards that help your product move.


Here are 12 other reasons why you should do displays and how it helps.

  1. Generate Talk.

Case Displays, if done properly, can generate good Word-Of-Mouth marketing. Consider using custom design carrier cases with local folklore, landmarks, and favourite past-times as design ideas when you are planning your display. Having a strong image for customers to relate with will give them a reason to pass the information to friends and neighbours and create a community of potential customers.

  1. Increase Brand Recognition.

Using Case Displays can create a positive image and give you the opportunity to stand out in a store full of your competition. By separating yourself from the competition and displaying your product on the floor in a tower of well designed carrying cases your product demands the customers' attention and will ensure they, at the least, take a moment to consider your product. With every customer visit, your tower will reinforce your branding and spark the curiosity of customers.

  1. Establish Rapport with Large Retail Chain Management

Developing a good relationship with management as you discuss the terms for your floor display can lead to future opportunities. When the display proves successful, you want to be able to re-negotiate the terms of a new display on even ground. Think of ways to work with them in the future and try to harvest any connections they might be willing to offer in the retail world. Consider your business model and marketing plans and try and fit your new connections into them.

case displays

  1. Introduce Your Product to Potential New Customers

Your case display tower will highlight your brand to many customers who otherwise might not consider buying your product. In contrast to being on the shelf, having your brand on the floor will expose it to every client that comes through the section and many new customers will take the time to look at what you have to offer.

  1. Beat the Competition

Setting up your floor display early on and establishing your brand's position in the store will create a positive marketplace for your product. If you don't set up your case display first, rest assured that your competition will - Be one step ahead by being the first on the floor. It's much more difficult to try and take occupied floor space than it is to maintain it.

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  1. Easier Access means Easier Sale

It's no secret that most customers want things to be easy, especially when it means trying something new. Having your product displayed in a tower in the middle of the retail space lets the customer think they trying something new without making them work hard at coming to the decision. Case Displays are a great way to bait customers into trying your product.

  1. Be The First Seen

Erecting your tower near the front door of a retail store ensures that customers see your product first and have your product and price in mind as they shop. They are likely using your price as a benchmark as they compare products, so see that your product is comparably priced or less than the competition to give your prospective customer a reason to circle back and choose your product or pick one up on their next visit.

  1. Be The Last Seen

Placing your case display near the checkout as a Point-of-Purchase display can capture easy money from impulse buyers. Advertising your brand at as a must-have for gifts, dinner drinks or party favourites will help you sell your brand to customers that are interested in trying something new or realize the need for another item. A tower near the cash also provides a great way to advertise your brand to customers as they leave. They may not pick up your product on their first visit, but it will stick in their mind when they see it again on their return visit.

  1. Proper Placement equals Proper Profit

Case Displays can be a great way to highlight your brand, but covering the key points of your marketing strategy when you choose your POS, layout and your visual display is important. Understand your market and act accordingly. A premium wine brand should target upscale retail stores in trendy neighbourhoods or large chains like Total Wine or Binny's whereas a micro distiller might consider something closer to home. Plan using case displays as part of your overall marketing strategy. If your company only has the capacity to supply enough product for local markets then target the retail stores you know to be high traffic hot spots and keep a strong relationship with the managers.

  1. Generate Continuous Business

Depletion at the retail level is key to keeping a steady business model. Using case displays successfully in your marketing plan will help maintain a high volume turn over rate and allow you to concentrate on expanding your distribution. Stable stock orders mean you can turn your attention to trying to gain market share in different areas.

  1. Stay on top of top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA)

Having your product in constant view will help you achieve top-of-mind-awareness. Setting up your display tower in retail stores will create an enduring effect when it comes to brand awareness and long-lasting displays in multiple stores will increase brand recognition dramatically over time.

  1. Add Credibility to Your Brand Name

Generally speaking, advertising promotes the idea of credibility. The average consumer associates advertising with a sign of success. By advertising your brand you are marketing your product as something that is desirable to the masses and by deciding to put a case display in a large, well known retail store or chain you are also leveraging secondary brand association. Not only have you effectively advertise your brand, but installing your tower inside the walls of a well-reputed retailer adds credibility to your brand as the consumer will believe that your brand has been endorsed by the retailer.