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London Wine Series : Sommelier’s Insights on Creating a Wine List - Episode 8

In this episode we talk about, Sommelier’s Insights on Creating a Wine List.

Part of the London wine series sponsored by London wine competition, which is an annual international wine competition that happens in London every year where wines are judged by Quality, Value, and Package.

Submission is now open for the 2020 London Wine Competition. Please visit for more information on how winning a London Wine Competition medal can help you grow your wine brand.

Merchandise is the fundamental concept at the outset of any business. Representing your merchandise to your consumers is not as effortless as it seems when someone speaks about it. It is an even more focused and consumed job when it comes to choosing wine for the wine list at a restaurant or a wine bar. Curating a list of wines that are both sellable and profitable is the key responsibility of any sommelier working at a bar or restaurant.