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Pre-registration for 2019 London Wine Competition is now open

The London Wine Competition is back after shaking up the traditional wine judging events circuit in its inaugural year. It judges wines in the same way that consumers do when faced with a wall of wine in the local supermarket or wine store.

For years virtually all global wine competitions have been organized in the same way. Wines entered are simply tasted blind, purely on their quality alone, with no, or little, consideration for their price, value for money, and certainly not what they look like.

The London Wine Competition has turned that model on its head with a new event that judges wines in the same way that consumers do when faced with a wall of wine in the local supermarket or wine store.

The first thing the average consumer looks at is the price. They then look at the label and pick out wines with designs and stories that appeal and are relevant to them. That’s before the winemaker has even had the chance to show how well they can make wine.

LWC- Judges

Only by assessing what the wine costs and looks like can our London Wine Competition judges then determine if it offers good value for money or not.

Disruptive force

It’s what the London Wine Competition is all about. Like all the other great disruptive forces that have changed the traditional way of doing things in their industry sector, be it Uber, Deliveroo, Spotify or Netflix, it’s giving power to consumers.

Medal-winning wines in the London Wine Competition have been chosen because these are the wines that consumers will most want to buy. They are the wines that:

  • offer the best value for money

  • offer the best quality for that price

  • stand out on shelf against their competitors

  • tell their story in the most engaging and relevant way

Wine Judging- London wine Competition


The London Wine Competition also has another unique point of difference over its competition. Expert wine industry judges are also asked to assess the wines for their Quality.

  • Does it have that X Factor that will get consumers coming back to buy another bottle?

  • Does it have the people’s touch?

  • Is it easy to drink?

  • Would you pour yourself a second glass to share with friends and family?

LWC Judge tasting Wine

It is the Quality factor of the award-winning wines in the London Wine Competition that consumers will most relate to. These are wines that consumers can have complete confidence in.

Professional Judges

It’s why the London Wine Competition is only judged by experts who have either direct commercial buying responsibilities for selling wine to the public, or who are directly involved in the development of new wine brands. This is not a competition for aloof wine experts with no buying power, selecting wines that match their own likes and tick all the right winemaking credentials. 

No, the London Wine Competition judges source, select and buy wines they know their customers are going to like. Not what they personally like to drink.

LWC Judges

Our judges are made up of professional wine buyers who are selecting wines every day to go on supermarket and wine store shelves, or sommeliers tasked with choosing wines that are going to sell on every type of restaurant, bar, pub or hotel through to some of the most prestigious wine lists in the world.

The 2017/2018 competition

The London Wine Competition was first launched to the global wine industry in 2017 with the winners announced in April 2018. The response to the inaugural competition was overwhelming with entries from all over the world, covering all categories from red, white, rosé, sparkling wines and Champagne.  

The panel of leading trade judges was asked to assess each wine based on the London Wine Competition’s unique scoring system with scores allocated as follows:

  • Quality Score: marked out of 50

  • Value Score: marked out of 25

  • Package/Design Score: marked out of 25

Medals were then awarded to wines that scored the following points:

  • Gold: to receive a Gold medal a wine had to score 90 points or over

  • Silver: to receive a Silver medal a wine had to score between 76-89

  • Bronze: to receive a Bronze medal a wine had to score between 65-75.

2018 winners

Here are the highlights from the 2018 competition:

  • 16 Gold medals awarded including five from Australia, four from Italy and two from the UK, a Blanc de Blanc from Hoffman & Rathbone (number five in the Top 10 overall wines) and Raimes Classic English Sparkling (10th highest scoring wine overall).

  • 137 Silver medals awarded.

  • “Wine of the Year” went to Arcadian Shiraz from Idyll Wine Co in Australia for having received the highest score.

LWC-Wine of the Year - Arcadian Shiraz

Top 10 scoring wines in 2018

The Top 10 best scoring wines in the 2018 competition were as follows:

  1. Arcadian Shiraz - Idyll Wine Co

  2. Old Vine Shiraz - Cape Barren Wines

  3. Blanc De Blancs - Hoffmann & Rathbone

  4. RedHeads Whip-Hand - Direct Wines Production

  5. Luna Vineyards 2016 Chardonnay, Napa Valley - Luna Vineyards

  6. Cabernet Sauvignon IGP Château Vartely - Château Vartely

  7. Classic - Raimes English Sparkling

  8. Blue Pyrenees Section One Shiraz - Blue Pyrenees Estate

  9. Rosé - Champagne Trésor de France

  10. Shaw Vineyard Estate 2015 Shiraz

NB: You can see and come and taste a selection of the medal winning wines, including all the Gold medals, at the London Wine Competition stand at the London Wine Fair, Olympia, London between May 21-23.

Entry for 2019 awards

Pre-registration for the 2019 awards is now open and producers, importers, distributors and retailers can start the process for entering the competition by following the instructions at

Here are the key dates to note for the 2019 competition:

Super Early Bird Registration: Now until 10 September 2018
Warehouse Closes For Samples: 28 February 2019
Judging: March 21 & 22, 2019
Winners Announced: 30 April 2019

Enter Your Wines Today and Get Rated By Quality, Value and Package. Submissions Deadline:  20 February 2019.