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New Wine Category for 2018!

19/09/2017 The London Wine Competition is proud to announce that we will now be tasting Bulk Wines separately, and have introduced a new category for these

The London Wine Competition is proud to announce that we will now be tasting Bulk Wines separately, and have introduced a new category for these.

As they are becoming such an important part of the wine industry, we have decided to highlight the use of bulk wine and highlight the quality of bulk wines.

These products will have their own tasting done by leading wine buyers and master of wines leading with Tim Hanni, MW from the United States.

The addition of the bulk wine category in the London Wine Competition will help buyers gauge the quality of bulk wines.

Categories Added:

Bulk Wine Of The Year (By Price Category)

Bulk Wine Of The Year (By Varietal Category)

Bulk Wine Of The Year (By Country Category)

Bulk Winery Of The Year 

All entrants will also get a confidential feedback report on the quality and value score of your wine. Includes tasting notes and price feedback.

Winners in the bulk wine category will be showcased at a special London Wine Competition Winners Pavilion in London, UK and San Francisco, USA. IBWSS Exhibitors will also get a feedback report on the wine from judges of the London Wine Competition helping them get their wine assessed for the bulk wine trade. Buyers coming to the IBWSS trade show will have a measurement of how well the wine will be perceived in the trade when bottled, based on London Wine Competition’s method of rating the wines. A separate masterclass will also be conducted at the IBWSS trade shows of just the bulk wine top winners by Tim Hanni, Master of Wine from USA and Barry Dick, Master of Wine, UK.

Details of London Wine Competition’s Bulk Wine Category Winners’ Masterclass:

Hosted by, Tim Hanni MW

Master of Wine, Certified Wine Educator

Wine Industry Faculty, Sonoma State University

Tim Hanni is an internationally renowned ‘flavor maven.’ A professionally-trained chef, he is one of the first two resident Americans to successfully complete the examination and earn the title Master of Wine. He is a Certified Wine Educator accredited by the Society of Wine Educators. He has been involved with wine- and food-related businesses, education, and research for over thirty-five years. Hanni has a unique perspective on food and wine, providing a modern and innovative approach to the subject. 

His techniques for creating easy to use wine lists and retail wine programs are combined with tried and tested culinary philosophies on "balancing" food and wine flavors. These techniques are employed by thousands of restaurants and hotel outlets around the world and have provided the foundation for Napa Seasoning Company's unique new product Vignon™, the first Flavor Balancing Seasoning designed to simplify food preparation. Hanni is recognized for introducing the concept of the "umami" taste phenomenon to the wine and food community. He has lectured in over 27 countries around the world on the topics of flavor balancing, sensory sciences, wine and culinary history.

How to enter into London Wine Competition’s Bulk Wine Category: 

Here is the information on how you can enter your wines in the London Wine Competition.

1. Login or register online

2. Enter your wine details

3. Ship your samples by February 20, 2018

Key Dates:

Registration Opens: 1 November 2017

Warehouse Opens For Samples: 1 November 2017

Registration Ends: 20 February 2018

Warehouse Closes For Samples: 20 February 2018

Judging: March 8 & 9, 2018

Winners Announced: 30 March 2018

About London Wine Competition


The London Wine Competition is being launched to identify and reward those brands and products that consumers actually want to buy, rather than simply recognize good quality wines for their winemaking ability alone. To be a real success a wine brand has to be bought by consumers, be it on a supermarket shelf or a restaurant or bar's list. The London Wine Competition will single out and highlight the wine brands on sale in the UK and International markets that are truly commercially successful. Read more about how it works here.

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